Visitors are Welcome!

Visitors from the public or other golf clubs are welcome to play golf at Claremont. Please contact us on 03 6249 1000 to arrange a tee off time.

Dress Requirements

Our dress requirements are in place for both members and visitors:

  • Shirts must have a collar and be tucked in (except banded waist)
  • Dress shorts may be worn.
  • Jeans, which are neat and tidy, may be worn for social play only.
  • Beach wear, T Shirts, football jumpers, football shorts, tracksuit pants are definitely not permitted under any circumstances.
  • Golf shoes are required.
  • Sandals and thongs are not permitted.
  • Socks must be worn (short sports style, predominately white are permitted)

By adhering to our dress requirements you will be showing respect for your fellow golfers.

Green Fees

Our green fees are as follows:

  • Visitors: $50 for 18 holes, $30 for 9 holes
  • Colts/Teenage¬†(18 and over): $25 for 18 holes
  • Teenage/Juniors (under 17): $15 for 18 holes
  • Member introduced: $40 for 18 holes, $20 for 9 holes
  • Non-member playing competition: $30.00 + competition fee

Enjoy your game!