Saturday 9th February 2019


107 in Field

A Grade: Winner: A Sansom 41 pts $30.00
  Runner Up: S Wood 40 c/b pts $20.00
  Third: G Dodge 40 pts $10.00


B Grade: Winner: M Adkins 42 pts $30.00
  Runner Up: K Mc Swain 41 c/b pts $20.00
  Third: T Aualiitia 41 pts $10.00


C Grade: Winner: I Sealy 43 pts $30.00
  Runner Up: P Webb 40 pts $20.00
  Third: E Lown 39 pts $10.00


Balls down the line:  38 pts or better on countback:
40 pts C Johnson, D Direen
39 pts T Waters, T Foster, D Bacon, J Green, P Dunne
38 pts S Jackman, A Roussow, M Rolf, A Higgins, S Shirley,

T Read, B Murray, J Thurgood


Birdie Comp: A Crowe, S Jackman, I Sealy, A Sansom, C Erends,

S Beresford, R Scott x3, J Green, M Freeman, S Wood,

G Jones, N Harper, C Gamble, T Roussow, R Curley,

D Mc Pherson, M Rolf,


Nearest the Pins:
2nd A Sansom (Open)
4th D Direen (B Grade)
6th C Gamble (C Grade)
11th A Delaney (Open)
15th A Sansom (A Grade)
18th Super Pin C Erends 62 cm $80