71 In Field – ACR: 70
2B Agg. Winner: E Saville & L Frith 79pts
  Runner Up: W Boxall & T North 77pts
Balls down the line: 74pts or better:
75pts T Humphries & A Sansom R Scott & M MacMichael
74pts C Plunkett & M Adkins
Div 1 Winner: E Saville 42pts
  Runner Up: M Balcombe 40pts
  Third: V Tria 40pts
Div 2 Winner: C Plunkett 42pts
  Runner Up: W Worsey 40pts
  Third: C Woolley 39pts c/b


Veterans Winner: C Woolley 39pts c/b
  Runner Up: N Mills 39pts c/b


Balls down the Line:  38 pts or better:


39 pts S Lord, N Mills, W Boxall, P Grubb
38 pts L Frith, R Scott, P Rice, T North, T Humphries, I Sealy


Birdie Comp: M Balcombe, N Mills, R Scott, L Frith, A Sansom, D Bliss, R Curley, T Heffernan, S Frith, M Ackroyd, G Cuthbert x 2

Nearest The Pins:

15th S Frith  
4th G Cuthbert  
Super Pin L Frith (75cm)