A Grade: Winner: A. Rowlings 40 pts c/b
  Runner Up: G. Quarrell 40 pts
  Third: N. Booth 39 pts c/b


B Grade: Winner: D. Wright 38 pts
  Runner Up: B. Blazley 37 pts
  Third: J. Green 36 pts


C Grade: Winner: S. Bray 40 pts c/b
  Runner Up: G. Allery 40 pts
  Third: D. Dillon 38 pts


Balls down the line: 35 pts or better:
39 Pts S. Jackman
37 pts A. Sansom
36 pts D. Le Rossignol, M. Freeman, C. Page (Seabrook), R. Scott

D. McPherson, P. Nation

35 pts S. Beresford, D. Bliss, B. MacMichael, J. Russell, M. Burns

P. Seely, P. Kingston


Birdie Comp: S. Walsh, R. Brown, D. McPherson, G. Morgan, C. Page

S. Wood, N. Booth x 2, G. Quarrell, D. Le Rossignol

T. Waters, R. Curley


Nearest the Pins:
2nd S. Wood Open
4th C. Green C Grade
4th J. Bliss Ladies
6th A. Rowlings A Grade
11th L. Harris B Grade
11th R. Brown Super pin – 88 cms
15th T. Waters Open